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ExecuTechSearch provide three levels of staffing service. Search, Key Account, and Recruiting.

Search (Exclusive):

We are the client's exclusive source of candidates for the specific named position(s),  typically for some period of time. The search consultant conducts in depth interviews with the human resource and hiring authority regarding the company, the position(s), what the candidate(s) is intended to accomplish, the long range objectives and short range priorities of the job and how success is measured. This initial understanding saves much subsequent search time and enhances the accuracy of the search. We assign dedicated resources to source, evaluate, screen and attract candidates.  The primary advantage is that this engagement method attracts higher level candidates. Candidates have been identified and selected specifically for the position as opposed to being one of many generic type of candidate.

 Key Account:


A Key Account is a relationship that  evolves over time based on performance by both parties.  It evolves after multiple successful assignments and has features different from other services.  A Partner is assigned as a single contact and will be responsible for all aspects of the account.  Second, we will work any discipline that the client wishes. Third, price and all other terms are negotiable and will reflect volume and the difficulties of the assignments.  

 Recruiting (Non-Exclusive):

We have many clients we have worked with over the past twenty years and know them very well: their senior executives,  business objectives, and corporate environment and culture. We  know what positions they find difficult to fill and that are critical to their success. In these cases we serve as talent scouts on their behalf. During the course of our mainstream business, we sometime come across a person that appear to fit one of these critical positions.  We'll contact the client, see if there is an interest, and if so verify that the candidate has an interest and if so present the candidate. Regardless of the outcome, a fee will be due only if the candidate is offered and accepts the job.

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