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About Us
The Managing Partners have over fifty years experience in the search and recruiting industry and another thirty with Fortune 100's and start-ups. Business experience range from large, monolithic firms in an environment of certainty to entrepreneurial start-ups in a very uncertain environment. That breadth of experience provides an understanding of the differences in individuals that are successful in very different cultures and environments.  It is critical to success to fit candidate personality and behavioral predispositions to the desired  organizational culture and environment. The firm's culture & environment are determined by where the firm is today as opposed to where it wants to be tomorrow. The change required to make that transition are influenced by available assets and obstacles that must be overcome to make the transformation.  This often require a new breed of employee with different tolerances for change, pressure, pace and even ambiguity. And this is particularly true of leadership.  
How We Work:

We offer a variety of engaged searches customized to fit the client's business and staffing objectives. Typical factors influencing the nature of the relationship are how critical the position(s) is and the urgency to fill it, confidentiality, number and variety of positions, etc.
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